Out of Sync 1.1 update!

Hello everyone and thank you for playing our game!

Today we are launching version 1.1, which has various bug fixes.

  • Game should launch normally on newest versions of OSX
  • Minor visual effect updates
  • Minor script fixes to ease transition between scenes
  • Minor dialogue updates to reflect decisions in game
  • Fixed a bug where the gallery would show on the free version
When downloading the updated version, please be sure to delete the persistent file in both the game folder and the appdata/renpy folder to assure the new fixes take affect.
In addition, we now have the NSFW Cherry Bomb edition available on itch.io! You can download it here!

Thanks for your support!

~Programmer Fuu


Out_of_Sync-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 102 MB
May 13, 2017
Out_of_Sync-1.1-mac.zip 103 MB
May 13, 2017
Out_of_Sync-1.1-win.zip 104 MB
May 13, 2017

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